Saltimbocca of salmon

That’s a variation of a well known Italian dish: Saltimbocca alla romana. As the original saltimbocca is made with veal escalopes, sage and ham this variation is with fresh salmon fillets topped with sage leafs and wrapped in ham.


Served with rice, glazed carrots and sage butter.


Kumera curry with homemade Naan bread

Diced kumera cooked with chopped tomatoes and vegetable broth. Seasoned with chili, cayenne pepper, grinded cilantro seeds and cumin.
Served with a homemade Naan bread.

A creamy cooked sweet and spicy curry with a oven fresh fluffy bread is a great treat for cold evenings.


Naan bread is a tasty alternative for rice. And it’s also ideally suited to get the curry on the spoon ūüėČ