French breakfast / Französisches Frühstück



(Deutsche Version unten)

A French breakfast isn’t that big.  Mostly you’ll just have a Café au lait and a croissant. This couple you get in every bakery or bistro.

If you are lucky and it’s sunny and warm enough you can enjoy the breakfast on a terrace and watch people passing by.


Ein französisches Frühstück ist nicht sehr groß. Meistens gönnt man sich nur einen Milchkaffee und ein Croissant.
Diese Verbindung bekommt man in jeder Bäckerei oder Bistro.

Wenn es sonnig ist und warm genug, kann man dieses Frühstück auf einer Terrasse genießen und die Menschen um einen herum beobachten.


Guinness brewery

Old barrels at Guinness brewery in Dublin.


Guinness brewery at St. James Gate brewery in Dublin was founded in 1759 by Arthur Guinness.
Although it is not the largest brewery in the world anymore it’s still the largest brewer of stout.


The best known brew is Guinness Draught. A dark, ruby-red stout with flavors of malt, coffee and chocolate and it’s typical creamy foam.

Whenever you are in Dublin take your time to visit the Guinness brewery. You’ll learn a lot about brewing and the ingredients, for Guinness in specific of course. They will give you tips how to drink a Guinness the best way, to taste all of the flavors.
If you want you can learn to pour your own perfect pint of Guinness and get a certificate for it.
At the end redeem your entrance-voucher for a fresh poured pint at Gravity bar. The bar is located on the 7th floor with a great view over Dublin and the Wicklow mountains.

Mulled wine

Red mulled wine with rum-soaked sugar lit.


After burning the rum-soaked sugar lit you will enjoy the sweet taste of a fruity and hot mulled wine and the slightly sense of rum.
Perfect for cold winter days. If you don’t have to drive anymore!

Turkish coffee

Typical turkish coffee, served in a small restaurant in Kadriye, Turkey.


Turkish coffee is the method of preparation and not the kind of beans. For Turkish coffee you use finely grinded beans of any kind and a special pot to heat, called cezve. You get a cezve in different sizes. Amount of cups is shown on bottom or handle.

To prepare the coffee you give the right amount of water for each cup in the cezve and heat it. After the water boils add sugar and some cardamom if wished. Wait until the sugar melted. Now pour one full teaspoon of finely grinded coffee and boil again. If it’s foaming take away shortly to let the foam settle and boil again.
Now pour into the preheated cup and enjoy!

Cup of tea


A soothing cup of perfect brewed tea at Messmer Momentum in Hamburg / Germany.

After a long walk on a cold winter day at river Elbe it´s a perfect choice to take your time out to enjoy a cup of tea.

My favourite is Darjeeling Margaret´s Hope. It´s a FTGFOP 1st Flush with clean, fresh and pure aroma and well structured.