Pork roast with crackling recipe

Ingredients for 3 persons

1 kg pork roast with rind
much caraway and salt
little pepper
2 onions
1 carrot
200 g celeriac
1/2 leek
500 ml dark beer
750 ml broth

Preheat the oven to 175° C.

Cut the rind with a very sharp knive into diamond shapes and rub the meat and rind with much caraway and salt and little pepper.

Put the meat with rind to top into a casserole and pour 250 ml boiling broth over it. Cook for 1/2 hour on middle shelf of oven.

Cut the onions into eighth, carrot and celeriac into cubes and leek into rings. Add everything to the roast and pour 500 ml of boiling broth over it. Cook for another 60 minutes.
From time to time pour the meat juice over the roast.

About 30 minutes before end of cooking time turn heat up to 220° C. top heat and pour the dark beer over the roast to get a crispy crackling.

At the end of cooking time, cut the roast into slices and serve with the vegetables and sauce.

For a typical Bavarian dish you can serve some bread dumplings with this roast.


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