Chicken breast in peanut cream sauce

Sliced chicken breast with carrots, red bell peppers and spring onions in a creamy peanut butter sauce.


Seasoned with fresh cilantro, chopped chilis, salt and pepper.
Served with basmati rice.


Vegetarian burger

Marinated and pan-fried Halloumi cheese in a hamburger bun topped with grilled bell peppers, arugula and onions.


Served with fries.

Not very calorie conscious but very tasty and even vegetarian.

Bulgur fry-up

Bulgur mixed with fried chicken breast, sliced courgette and mushrooms and chopped bell peppers in a creamy sauce of yogurt, tomato paste, Worcester sauce and herbs.
Seasoned with fresh black pepper, salt and chili powder.


A quick and easy to prepare dish with a fruity and kind of sweet and spicy taste.