Som Tam Thai recipe

Ingredients for 2 persons


1 small green papaya
1 carrot
2 cloves of garlic, chopped
2 tbsp palm sugar, grated
1 lime
5 cherry tomatoes
3 – 5 bird’s eye chilis, chopped
25 g peanuts, unsalted and unroasted
25 g dried shrimps
5 tbsp fish sauce

Use an original pok pok and a wooden pestle to prepare the salad.


Crush the chopped garlic and chili.

Now add the peanuts and dried shrimps and crush them as well.


To get fine stripes of papaya and carrot you can either use a vegetable slicer or a special peeler.


Add the sliced papaya and carrot in portions to the pok pok and gentle mix them with the crushed chili, garlic, peanuts and shrimps.
It’s quite easy if you use the pestle together with a spoon.


Now add the quartered cherry tomatoes and squash them gently.


Mix everything up with the pestle and spoon and add the grated palm sugar and the lime juice.


Now season the salad with fish sauce to your taste.


Arrange the salad on plates and enjoy.



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