Poultry in a creamy sauce

Fried poultry strips in a creamy sauce with slices of mushrooms and chopped pickled cucumbers.


Served with homemade swabian noodles.
It’s a tasty combination of sweet cream and a slightly sourness of the pickled cucumbers.


Pork roast with crackling

That’s a typical Bavarian dish: Pork roast with crackling crust, red cabbage, bread dumpling and a dark beer sauce.


And as most of typical Bavarian food it’s not for the calories conscious one…
But once in a while it is just a simple and mouthwatering treat.

Beef curry

That’s one of the “dry” curries. It’s cooked without coconut milk, one of the ingredients most people associate with Thai curries.

Thinly sliced beef with sugar peas, mixed bell peppers and mushrooms fried with red chili paste and plenty of red chilis and seasoned with fish sauce and palm sugar.


Served with basmati rice.