Minced meat stew

A hearty meat and vegetables stew with pan-fried minced meat, potatoes, carrots, corn and bell peppers.
Boiled in a mix of beef broth and chopped tomatoes.
Seasoned with fresh garlic, salt, pepper and fresh herbs.


Served with bread.

It’s a heartwarming and tasty treat for cold winter days.


Chickpeas stew

Chickpeas, diced kumera, bell peppers, sliced courgette and fried chicken breast boiled in broth and seasoned with curcuma, cumin and harissa.


Served with bread and a yogurt and garlic sauce.

Pumpkin “Afghan style”

Diced pumpkin cooked in a fruity tomato sauce and seasoned with ginger, grinded cilantro, cayenne pepper and garlic.
Served with a yogurt and mint sauce.


Rice and homemade Naan bread on the side.

This pumpkin dish is great for a fruity starter as well as a light and tasty main course.

Kumera curry with homemade Naan bread

Diced kumera cooked with chopped tomatoes and vegetable broth. Seasoned with chili, cayenne pepper, grinded cilantro seeds and cumin.
Served with a homemade Naan bread.

A creamy cooked sweet and spicy curry with a oven fresh fluffy bread is a great treat for cold evenings.


Naan bread is a tasty alternative for rice. And it’s also ideally suited to get the curry on the spoon 😉