Bavarian setup for 2

Whenever you are at Munich International Airport and feel for typical Bavarian food you have to go to “Airbräu”.

In this case it’s a variation of crispy duck, suckling pig roast and pork neck with crackling on top of Sauerkraut and red cabbage. It comes with bread dumplings and potato dumplings.
To wash it down they serve you 1 liter of their home brewed beer.


“Airbräu” is a quite typical Bavarian restaurant with own brewery. You get all of the meat dishes you expect from Bavarian restaurants but also a great variation of tasteful vegetarian dishes. And of course little snacks,  in Bavaria they are called “Brotzeiten”.  If you are not so hungry you have to try a “Obatzda” at least. It’s a creamy camembert cheese, mixed up with bell pepper powder and onions.

“Airbräu” is located between T1 and T2 with a huge beer garden. As there is a roof between the terminals the beer garden can also be used on rainy days.


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