Pork fillets with ceps

Pork fillets wrapped in Parma ham and served with a creamy ceps and leek sauce.
Glaced carrots and crispy Pommes Duchess on the side.


Pommes Duchess is the name of this special kind of croquettes.
It’s also creamy in the inside, almost like baked mushed potatoes, and crispy outside.


Chili con carne

Homemade chili con carne with beans, bacon and corn.
Served with sour cream and rice.


Hungarian goulash

Hungarian goulash made of beef and pork with red bell peppers, onions and bacon. Seasoned with salt, pepper, hungarian bell pepper powder and chili powder.
Served with noodles.

It’s a great stew not only for cold days.


Bavarian setup for 2

Whenever you are at Munich International Airport and feel for typical Bavarian food you have to go to “Airbräu”.

In this case it’s a variation of crispy duck, suckling pig roast and pork neck with crackling on top of Sauerkraut and red cabbage. It comes with bread dumplings and potato dumplings.
To wash it down they serve you 1 liter of their home brewed beer.


“Airbräu” is a quite typical Bavarian restaurant with own brewery. You get all of the meat dishes you expect from Bavarian restaurants but also a great variation of tasteful vegetarian dishes. And of course little snacks,  in Bavaria they are called “Brotzeiten”.  If you are not so hungry you have to try a “Obatzda” at least. It’s a creamy camembert cheese, mixed up with bell pepper powder and onions.

“Airbräu” is located between T1 and T2 with a huge beer garden. As there is a roof between the terminals the beer garden can also be used on rainy days.

Spicy mango and avocado salad

Sweet mango and ripe avocado mixed up with radicchio in a chili spiced honey and lime dressing. Finally topped with grilled chicken breast.


It’s a tasteful combination of sweet mango, nutty avocado and bitter radicchio mixed with a sweet and sour honey and lime dressing. To spice it up there is a load of chopped chilis in the dressing.

Tasty chicken breast on top. Marinated and grilled with honey and herbs.

It’s a light and healthy main course. Or a bigger starter as well….