Apple pie

Homemade apple pie with almond crust.


An apple pie is a great treatment for  Sunday afternoons with family and friends.
Served with whipped cream……  Heavenly



Homemade walnut baguette with chili.


Crispy and fresh baked baguette with a nutty taste and a hint of spicy chili

Beef with oyster sauce

Fried beef with oyster sauce or Phat nua naman hoi.
A great Thai main course with fried beef, mushrooms, bell peppers, spring onions, baby corn, chili, onions and oyster sauce. Served with basmati rice.


Scrambled vegetable pancake

The sweet variation of a scrambled pancake is a well-known Austrian delicacy: Kaiserschmarren!
But it’s also very tasty when prepared as a hearty pancake. With carrots, courgettes and mushrooms instead of raisins. Seasoned with salt, pepper and herbs instead of sugar.


Served with a light yogurt-garlic dip.

Fried beef with chicory

Sliced fillet of beef marinated with soy sauce, balsamic vinegar and chopped garlic. Fried with chicory and spring onions and served with basmati rice.


A light and quickly prepared Asian style main course.

Hearty stew

Minced meat with courgettes, bell peppers and tomatoes cooked as a hearty stew. Seasoned with fresh chili and sambal oelek and served with basmati rice.


You can also take potatoes instead of rice. Therefore just cook them together with the meat and vegetables.