Stuffed bell pepper

Bell pepper stuffed with minced meat, bulgur and feta cheese on top of a creamy curd cheese sauce.


The hearty mix of minced meat and bulgur in combination with the sweet and creamy curd cheese sauce is a light and tasteful main dish.
The curd cheese sauce is also a great choice if you don’t want to have the usual tomato sauce.


Spaghetti Bolognese

Italian pasta dish with homemade Bolognese sauce and grated parmesan cheese.


For a tasty Bolognese sauce you need time. The longer the sauce does simmer the better.

Potato casserole

Potato casserole with leaf spinach, tomatoes and feta cheese.


A tasty and filling main course.
And with milk and yogurt instead of cream it’s even calorie-conscious.

Sticky rice with mango recipe

Ingredients for 2 persons

1 cup glutinous rice (sticky rice)
1 cup coconut milk
2 tbsp salt
2 tbsp sugar
1 ripe mango (or canned mango)

Prepare the rice after instructions.

Heat the coconut milk with salt and sugar. Take care not to boil it.

Pour 3/4 of the milk over the rice and let it soak for about 5 minutes. Now the rice gets a mushy consistency.

Peel the ripe mango and cut it into bite-sized peaces.

Arrange rice and mango on a plate and pour some coconut milk over it.

If you like roast some coconut flakes and sprinkle your dessert.

Sticky rice with mango

Creamy rice topped with mango and sprinkled with fried coconut flakes.


Sticky rice with mango is one of my favourites in sweet Thai cuisine.
You get it in different variations all around in Thailand, especially at the small mobile food stalls.