Grilled crickets

‘Tastes like chicken’  is one of the most common responses to the question how grilled crickets taste.
In fact, the taste depends on the seasoning


Crickets are only one species of edible insects and as all of them they contain high quality protein, vitamins and amino acids for humans. And for the calorie conscious of you: it’s a healthy and light snack.

There are many ways of preparing and eating insects.  Grilled, deep-fried, chocolate covered, baked,  and many more.

In my upcoming blog ‘Bugs are food’  you will find recipes of various edible insects.
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Bresse poulard


Breast of Bresse poulard with leaf spinach and coconut rice. 
With a fruity touch from orange – lime sauce.

Wakame and salmon

Japanese wakame salad topped with smoked salmon.


The subtly sweet flavour of the seaweed combined with the smoky taste of the salmon is a light, healthy and tastefully starter for Asian food lovers.

Wakame is an edible seaweed that is mostly used for soups or salad. Common preparation is with sesame.

Wakame is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acid as well as calcium and iodine.


Millefeuille with vanilla cream and mixed berries ragout.


Millefeuille (thousand leaves) is a French pastry made of puff pastry. 
It’s named after the way of preparation:
One sheet puff pastry is baked and sliced into thin layers.

Now build your Millefeuille –
1 layer puff pastry, then 1 layer of cream. Again 1 layer puff pastry,  and so on until the layers are done.
The top layer is sprinkled with sugar and caramelised.

Melon salad


Arugula salad with slices of sweet  honey melon and feta cheese.  Salad is marinated with a refreshing lime – basil dressing. 

The combination of sweet and sour and creamy makes it a wonderful and light summer salad. 

Thuna salad


Mixed salad with tomatoes, corn, bell pepper and black olives marinated with olive oil ‘Extra vergine’  and topped with pre-marinated thuna fillets. 

This vitamin bomb can be served as a side salad with any meat dish or for Barbecues but suits also perfectly for a low-calorie main dish.