Swabian cheese noodles recipe

Ingredients for 2 persons

Homemade swabian noodles:
300 g flour
3 eggs
Milk or sparkling water (with milk they get creamier, with water fluffier)
(You also can use ready to cook Swabian noodles)

Butter or herbed butter
Grated cheese (Emmental cheese, Parmesan cheese or either other  cheese you prefer. As heartier the better)
Roasted onions
Salt and pepper

For the Swabian noodles mix the flour, salt and the eggs together and add some milk (or water). The dough shouldn’t be to liquid.
Use a Spaetzle grater to press the dough into boiling salted water. When they swim on top take them out and set aside.
(Prepare ready to cook noodles as written)

Heat the butter or herbed butter, if wished combine, but don’t let it burn. Add the noodles and stir.
Season with salt and pepper and add some roasted onions.
Stir and mix all together.
Now add the grated cheese and stir steadily.

Before serving add some roasted onions on top and enjoy.


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