Swabian cheese noodles

Homemade Swabian noodles with hearty cheese and roasted onions.


Simple but tasty!



Som Tam Thai

Green papaya salad Thai style.


Best way to prepare your own Som Tam Thai. Use a Pok Pok and a wooden pestle to gentle mix the ingredients.


Plate of Som Tam Thai


Perfect match: Som Tam Thai and beer. In this case Chang. It’s a Thai brand.

Recipe upcoming.

Mulled wine

Red mulled wine with rum-soaked sugar lit.


After burning the rum-soaked sugar lit you will enjoy the sweet taste of a fruity and hot mulled wine and the slightly sense of rum.
Perfect for cold winter days. If you don’t have to drive anymore!

Turkish coffee

Typical turkish coffee, served in a small restaurant in Kadriye, Turkey.


Turkish coffee is the method of preparation and not the kind of beans. For Turkish coffee you use finely grinded beans of any kind and a special pot to heat, called cezve. You get a cezve in different sizes. Amount of cups is shown on bottom or handle.

To prepare the coffee you give the right amount of water for each cup in the cezve and heat it. After the water boils add sugar and some cardamom if wished. Wait until the sugar melted. Now pour one full teaspoon of finely grinded coffee and boil again. If it’s foaming take away shortly to let the foam settle and boil again.
Now pour into the preheated cup and enjoy!

Afternoon-Tea setup

Variation of small delicacies.

3 kinds of sandwiches (cucumber, cheese and salmon).
Homemade cookies and macarons (main ingredient is all kind of tea).

Perfect match for a soothing cup of Darjeeling Margaret’s Hope.

Offered in this combination at Messmer Momentum in Hamburg, Germany.